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Come cambiare petfood al gatto. Il gatto come sappiamo è particolarmente esigente ed abitudinario in fatto di cibo, se è in salute nessun problema, faremo di tutto per renderlo felice e compreremo per lui il cibo più gustoso e appetibile.

Quali supplementi e integratori per la BARF – Gatto. Per chi decide di offrire al proprio Pets la carne cruda deve conoscere gli integratori e i supplementi vitaminici da aggiungere alla dieta Barf.

Barf cane gatto: SPECIAL CONTEST. L’acronimo BARF è stato usato per la prima volta dall’americana Debbie Tripp per indicare sia le persone che alimentano i propri cani con cibo fresco e crudo che per indicare il cibo stesso. Nei due casi, l’acronimo significava rispettivamente Born Again Raw Feeders (crudisti rinati) e Bones And Raw Foods (ossa e cibo crudo). In seguito è stato attribuito all’acronimo il significato di Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (cibo crudo biologicamente appropriato).

Taurine is an essential amino acid which cats can not synthesize, therefore it must be added to their diet. It is found exclusively in proteins of animal origin and is one of the  indispensable amino acids for the cat. Taurine helps to strengthen the immune system, increases the action of natural killer cells (NK), it is essential for the health of the sight and the heart.

Argan oil extracted from the seeds of Argania Spinosa plant, southern Morocco’s native, has exceptional properties, can be used for seasoning in gastronomy, as a cosmetic for skin and hair and also for our Pets!

Vital sprouts rich in vitamins and minerals, GOOD FOR EVERYONE! Do not add sprouts to our nutrition, or to dog’s PET-FOOD is a real shame; their nutritional powers are astonishing, they are POWERFUL antioxidants.

Fatty acids are defined “essential” because they can not be synthesized, therefore they must be assimilated through nutrition.They are fundamental for cell structure, necessary for the production of certain hormones, aid the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, protect internal organs and fight inflammation.

Appropriate dog’s energy requirements vary according to age, physical activity, race and ongoing diseases

Understanding the nutritional needs of the cat – do we confidently rely on pet food, on croquettes and various cans always more appetizing?

Krill oil is obtained from a small shrimp; Krill are tiny crustaceans that form the largest existing marine biomass. They are known by their scientific name: Euphausia superba.

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