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Organic Raw Barley Grass Juice Powder – Premium Grade & Organic Certified (250 Grams)


SUPERIOR, RAW 100% JUICE POWDER (NO FILLERS) with a vivid, chlorophyll-rich green color, and fresh aroma and taste that speaks for itself.
30:1 CONCENTRATED ~ It requires 30 kilos of Barley Grass juice (extracted first from the shoots), to produce each kilo of our finished powder + all CELLULOSE is REMOVED. Enjoy just the juice, no (indigestible) dried grass fibre.
Each batch is HARVESTED EARLY MORNING with the dew still fresh for maximum nutrition. The young grass shoots are immediately cooled and washed. The CO2 COLD TEMPERATURE PROCESS protects the baby shoots from oxygen and heat, producing a dried powder that has almost no degradation from the original juice. Most Barley powders are heavily processed and damaged.