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Echinacea in Veterinary cat dog

Echinacea in Veterinary Guide to use in cat dog

Echinacea dog cat, echinacea in human is used to prevent or treat colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infections. In veterinary medicine for several years is recommended for strengthening the immune system and for chronic respiratory infections. Echinacea dog cat Studies show that echinacea would increase red blood cells and hemoglobin. Properties of Echinacea Infections (especially…

Feline Herpesvirus Natural Treatment

Feline Herpesvirus Natural Treatment NO Lysine!

The clinical signs typical of feline Herpesvirus begin with salivation, nasal secretion, sneezing and coughing, followed by depression and anorexia, bacterial infection occurs when the secretions become purulent, we see in this article supportive therapies, natural cures little known to help support the cat and fight the virus. The content in question was originally published…