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CaniComplete Vitamin B-Komplex für Hunde, Katzen: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, K3, Calcium, Folsäure. Unterstützt…


Optimal Combination: Essential vitamin B and minerals high dose in one Tablet. Contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, which contribute to a normal energy metabolism and therefore counteract fatigue or faster fatigue due to a lot of movement. Vitamin B12 is an important building block for cell formation. Vitamin K3 provides for an optimal blood clotting, which can already be significantly disturbed by a harmless diarrhoea.
Quality of Life: Gives your loved one more energy and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin B is needed for a healthy function of the nerves. Due to a deficiency, a variety of diseases and problems can arise: Spondylosis, incontinence, poor eyesight, nerve inflammation or other degenerative diseases or signs of wear. Signs of deficiency can be more frequent eating of feces, scratching of the skin, a variety of allergies, leaking fur or hair loss.
Universal Usable: Supplement for all breeds and sizes as well as suitable for all ages. No matter whether puppies, young or old dogs. No matter whether it should delay signs of ageing or support cell metabolism, as well as nerve performance in young dogs. For a better intake, it is recommended to hide the tablets in a treat or to mix in the food.

RECOACTIV Immun Tonicum für Katzen, 3 x 90 ml, Diät-Ergänzungsfuttermittel zur Immununterstützung und Vorbeugung bei…


Uses: The Recoactiv immune tonic for cats has been developed to strengthen the cat and its immune system. It is proven to stimulate the food intake in cats.
Tolerability: The high acceptance and compatibility make the dietary supplement for the cat’s immune system very popular.
Intake: Thanks to the liquid dosage form, the tonic is absorbed very well. This means that the food supplement can be administered comfortably.

RECOACTIV Nieren Tonicum für Katzen, 3 x 90 ml, Ergänzungsfuttermittel zur Rekonvaleszenz bei frühen Anzeichen Einer…


Area of application: the Recoactiv kidney tonic for cats was developed to support the kidney function as well as the regular eating behaviour of a cat suffering from kidney problems.
Intake: thanks to the liquid dosage form, the supplement for cats is absorbed very well and can be conveniently used to supplement the food of cats suffering kidney failure.
Compatibility: the high acceptance and tolerance as well as the low phosphorus content make the Recoactiv kidney tonic a popular food supplement for cats.