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Dog Fleas Protection Spray 500ML – Tick and Flea Protective for Dogs – Best Grooming Coat Conditioner


BEST FLEA CONTROL FOR DOGS – Take Advantage of our proudly Cruelty Free and Vegan blend for dogs – We use only the highest quality natural essential oils blends and you can expect superb protective qualities from our product unlike other treatment.
PROTECT FROM LYMES DISEASE – Minimises the risk of Fleas Ticks and mite attaching to your dog thus drastically reducing the likelihood of insect bites which can cause severe illness to your dog.
LUXURY AVOCADO COAT CONDITIONER – Professional grade grooming for small, large dogs and puppies. Great natural essential oils fragrance that smells wonderfully fresh.

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BEST FLEA CONTROL : Protect your beloved dog or cat from fleas and Ticks and other parasites with this flea protection spray .Essential item in treating a flea infestation.Creating a safer product for your dog, your cat, your children, and you.
NATURAL SPARY:Our providing long lasting flea control without harsh chemicals,naturally repels fleas,highest quality natural blends you can expect superb protective qualities from our product.
FOR OF ALL DOGS AND CATS:Designed to be the frontline of defence, guaranteed to work, no matter what size your pet is, large or small.