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FutureYou Cambridge CurcuCat Turmeric for Cats – 56 Tablets – 112 Day Supply – Highly Absorbable Joint Health Supplement…


Suitable for cats of all sizes and breeds as well as moggies; from Persian, British Shorthairs and Maine Coons to Abyssinians, Siamese, Bengals and more.
Small, flavourless tablets are easy to conceal in your cat’s food and can be swallowed whole or easily crushed.
Each tablet contains Curcuma Phospholipid Complex, a patented combination of curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric – and soy lecithin, a fat from soya beans, which makes curcumin easier for the body to absorb. We use this technique to increase absorption as opposed to other ingredients such as black pepper.

Lintbells | YuDERM Itching Dog Formerly YuMEGA | Itchy or Sensitive Skin Supplement for Dogs Prone to Scratching, All…


The UK’s NO.1 Veterinary skin Supplement- YuDERM Itching Dog, previously YuMEGA Itchy Dog – Is a premium quality supplement for dogs prone to feeling itchy
Reduces Itching and scratching – YuDERM Itching Dog is rich in Omega 6, a key component of the skin moisture barrier which helps protect the skin from irritants and nourishes soft and supple skin. Meanwhile, added natural Vitamin E from plant sources support the skin’s natural defences
Calms sensitive skin – Enriched for higher of Omega 3 our 100% cold-pressed Salmon oil helps to calm and soothe sensitive skin