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Animigo Heart Health – 120 Tablets – Cat And Dog Conditioning Tablets – Natural Cat And Dog Heart Supplement – Helps…


? PREMIUM PET HEART CARE ? – Would you like to help care for your pet’s heart? Animigo crafted this Heart Health support supplement to help support pets with their heart and wellbeing, using natural ingredients and vitamins to ensure your pet enjoys the best life and health! Our supplements meet the needs of pets whether they are a puppy, kitten, cat or dog to get the vitamins and minerals they just don’t get in normal food on its own.
? HIGH STRENGTH, NATURAL INGREDIENTS ? These natural pet supplements use the best pure, natural ingredients, and is packed with healthy molecules to help your pets cardiovascular system. Our supplements contain L-Carnitine, Taurine, Co-Q10 and Vitamin E. These capsules improve heart health to pump blood around their body which delivers oxygen & nutrients to the cells so your pet can be at peak performance all the time.
? ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND CO-ENZYME Q10 ? Higher levels of Co-Enzyme Q10 have been linked to a higher level of ‘good’ cholesterol which is great for pet heart health. It also plays a role in helping your pets’ body create energy for stimulating muscles. Research suggests lower levels of CoQ10 can make your pet more prone to heart disease, so increasing these levels reduces the risk.

Dorwest Herbs Turmeric Tablets for dogs and cats , 200 tablets


Contains an extremely pure and fully traceable medicinal grade Turmeric extract grown in native Southern India on small farms using sustainable farming methods
Contains a guaranteed 95% curcuminoids and over 7175mg of turmeric in every tablet
Bioperine (Black pepper extract) is included for increase bioavailability