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Promotes the immune system & supports the gastrointestinal tract



Colostrum Therapy
Colostrum Therapy is a food supplement, recommended for humans and animals to promote a healthy immune system and support the gastrointestinal tract.

The first milk that comes from the mother is known as colostrum, and it helps young animals to grow. This milk is available in various forms, each with different properties. There are only a few forms that contain the correct properties needed for influencing the growth and immunity of mammals. It is important that the foremilk is extracted from the mother within twelve hours of the birth of a mammal. This is referred to as “12-hour colostrum”. When the milk is extracted from the mother within twelve hours of birth, it contains high concentrations of the nutrients required for a young animal to grow. These substances remain in the milk in these high concentrations, but are often lost during the processing that follows milk removal. If the temperature of the colostrum is raised above 35 degrees C during processing, important nutrients will be lost.

Guaranteed Quality!
Colostrum Therapy is guaranteed as having been extracted from the mother animal within twelve hours of birth. The processing that follows collection from the mother does not include heating. Instead, it is freeze-dried to form a powder. Next, it is irradiated in order to kill any harmful bacteria present. Colostrum Therapy includes Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, IgA, and various other nutrients, which strengthen the resistance and create a balanced immune system.

Recommended for:
Colostrum Therapy can be used in the following cases:
To stimulate gastrointestinal function
To increase resistance
To balance the immune system

Key features:…

Promotes the immune system & supports the gastrointestinal tract

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