Cats chronic kidney disease

Cats chronic kidney disease stage 1 and 2 How to manage

Stages I-II of chronic renal failure cat: the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) CLASSIFIES chronic renal failure in cats in four stages : Stage I : In this first phase of chronic renal failure there are no particular symptoms, it can be found: dull hair, slight increase in water intake, lethargy. The food should preferably be moist, dry food reduced to the bare minimum, in this phase it is possible to move towards a wet senior food with a percentage of raw protein of around 10% – 13% (wet) – For dry products around 22% – 25% raw protein. Cat with kidney failure stages Blood values ​​and SDMA tests Creatinine…

Struvite Bladder Stones in cats Natural Treatment

Micotherapy in cats and dogs

Micotherapy in cats and dogs. What is micotherapy? Micotherapy is the use of medicinal mushrooms in the prevention and treatment of many pathologies, they possess very powerful therapeutic effects thanks to the content of substances with pharmacological activity such as beta-glucans;


Azodyl in chronic kidney disease CKD cats dogs

Azodyl in chronic kidney disease, If you know and fight chronic kidney disease (ckd) in cats and dogs, certainly you are aware of a product called Azodyl. Azodyl in chronic kidney disease What is Enteric Dialysis? Azodyl is a supplement able to improve quality of life (QoL) of our dogs and cats, delaying the last stage of chronic kidney disease It is classified as a patented and clinically proven probiotic-based dietary supplement which performs “phagocytosis”on nitrogenous wastes in the bowel (ENTERAL DIALYSIS) Contains particular strains S.Thermophilus (KB 19) L.Acidophilus (KB 27) B.Longum (KB 31) What is Enteric Dialysis? Enteric dialysis is also a process of artificial filtration however it takes…