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Reishi Mushroom Vegavero® 2000 mg | with 20% Polysaccharides, 6% Betaglucans & 1% Triterpenes | 120 Capsules | TCM | No…


🎯 GANODERMA LUCIDUM: Because of its long history in promoting wellness, Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) is popular in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Together with Cordyceps, Hericium, Shiitake and Auricularia, Reishi is used in mycotherapy for different purposes in the ayurvedic culture.
⭐ EXTRACT – NOT POWDER: While other suppliers only offer Reishi powder capsules, our product provides 500 mg of a Reishi extract (~4:1). This corresponds to 2000 mg of dried Reishi. The advantage of an extract is not only the higher amount of Reishi per capsule, but also the higher concentration of bioactive substances. For the same reason we also chose an extract derived from the fruiting body of Reishi as it is the main source of those bioactive substances!
📍 WITH 20% POLYSACCHARIDES: Medicinal mushrooms like Reishi are known for their high content of polysaccharides. We use a Reishi extract standardised to at least 20% polysaccharides, 6% beta-glucan and 1% triterpenes – the most important bioactive components of Reishi. Our product is free of additives and suitable for vegans. Per bottle: 120 capsules. Recommended dosage: 1 capsule per day.